Remembering Helen Anderton Reed, first cousin of George L.K. Morris, 1927-2020

Helen Reed, nicknamed "Babes" because she was so much younger than her sibling and cousins, died March 8th at the age of 92. She was very close to her cousin George who completed this portrait of her when she was six years old and included his mother's terrier Jackie.  A favorite of both George and Suzy, Helen accompanied Suzy throughout Europe during Suzy's operatic career from 1947-1951. Driving the "Tadpole", a 1947 Peugeot which resembled a tadpole to the artist's eye, Helen would support Suzy through the rigors of performing. Managing touchy Italian singing coaches as well as high strung tenors elbowing Suzy out of the way on stage, were all part of Helen's role as friend and confidant.  After graduating from Barnard College, Helen married diplomat John Reed in 1952, raised twin daughters, and dedicated herself to civic activism. Her devoted husband died in August at age 97. See her complete obituary from the Washington Post  here.