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Visit the home of American Abstract Artists George L.K. Morris and Suzy Frelinghuysen, set on a 46-acre estate in the heart of Lenox, Massachusetts. View their paintings, frescoes, and sculpture; experience their exquisite collection of American and European Cubist Art.

Custom Silk Scarves just in

Our guide Kerry is wearing the new 100% silk scarf replicated from a George L.K. Morris painting.  They just arrived from

San Francisco--Made in USA!

Pioneers of American Modernism - Points of Contact

Join us this season and see an intimate 2-man Studio exhibit featuring Morris and Holtzman, two of the founders of the AAA. It is curated by family members and designed to evoke an informal conversation between the two artists envisioning what paintings they might have shown each other in their quest to pursue art brought down to its essentials known as Neoplasticism.